Your Imagination is Like the Vehicle of Your Mind

   One day I was at the gas pump, filling up my car. While I was looking at my car, I started to think about how cool it was to have a car.

   When you jump into your car, you are free to drive anywhere. You can explore landscapes unfamiliar to you, breathtaking and bountiful. You can be in totally different scenery or another neighborhood in just minutes.

   Your imagination is like the vehicle of your mind. You can use it to drive anywhere. You can put yourself into beautiful terrain, surroundings and environments that stimulate your senses, uplift and inspire you.

   Take a road trip in your mind today. Visually see yourself getting into your car and direct it to drive right into your dream/manifestation. Take your Creation Partner or Spirit with you on the tour and show them what you want. Describe it to them, out loud, even. Feeeeeel it!

   If it is a house you would like to manifest, pretend you are driving into a neighborhood where your dream house awaits. Pull up into the driveway. Get out and behold the beauty of the landscaped front year. Notice the color and texture of your home. See as you are looking out of your own eyes. Open the door and smell what your home smells like. See your family, friends, favorite people there, if you wish. Walk around and feel the flooring under your feet. Look at the colors and decorations on the walls. Feel how wonderful it is to be here.

   If it is a successful business you would like to manifest, get into your car (even if your business is in your home). Pull up into the driveway. Feel the exhilaration of beginning a new day totally engrossed in what you do. Walk into your office. What do you notice first? What does your dream office feel like?  Look at your calendar. See what is lined up for you today. Who are you meeting with and talking to?  Feel the exhilaration of making these connections and being of service. Feel what it feels like to be fully connected to Source and feeling energized by your work. See the next steps and new ideas flowing easily to you.

   If it is money that you want, get into your car. Pull up to the bank/credit union/mail box. Open up your mailbox or checkbook or statement. Feel how exciting it is to have that much money in your account. See yourself doing a little happy dance because you are so juiced and jazzed about the prosperity flowing in your life.

   If you feel stuck, runaway in your mind. Every time you are in a negative mood, have a negative thought, behavior or pattern, mentally get into your car and drive away (to your manifestation instead) or to a more pleasant site/place/feeling. Runaway in your mind and allow the new vision to shift your perspective to a brighter state of being. This is the key.

   You are in the driver’s seat. You can go anywhere in your imagination. Take the vehicle of your mind out for an adventure today. Next thing you know, you may be physically enjoying what was just a mental picture not that long ago.

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

Sign up for our mailing list and receive your FREE guide, Turning Obstacles into Miracles.