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When your energy is off, your results are, too.
The answer ISN'T to work harder.

The solution is to elevate your
Energetic IQ™.

This is where you raise your energy and align with your Soul’s desires to create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in your life — with more ease.

You’re smart and driven and you know there is something next for you.
But what is it exactly? How do you get there? How do you access more ease
and flow in creating it? This is what I help my clients with.

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You CAN gracefully and quickly accelerate your results by elevating your
Energetic IQ

“Before working with Tami, I was a people pleaser; trying to please everyone and not being true to myself, which showed in my personal life and in my business. I would often unknowingly take on their negative energy when trying to please people.

Working with Tami was such an awakening to be more transparent and truer to myself. I really found more self-awareness, more reassurance and that there are other resources I can tap into to support me.

Tami also gave me the tools to help me understand my energy and work with it to help me stay clear and focused -- which made it easier to move forward and hit my goals.

I learned to put more of myself and my personality into my marketing, rather than being told ‘what I should be writing’ and ‘how I should be writing.’

I now have the confidence and reassurance on how to use the systems and tools Tami has given me and make decisions that are right for me. This has helped me attract the people that want to work with me and who speak my language. Sales keep coming in. In fact, I hit my sales goals for the first time in years.

I also have better, more transparent and honest relationships. I am able to have hard conversations, when needed. A lot of things in my life were getting in the way and we took care of them. The work we did together turned out to be more personal work than business, yet it is reflected in my business. Things feel more positive now.” ~Patti Bohne,

Do any of these feel familiar?

I want to know what my soul really desires and create a clear path to actually having it.

I lack energy and I am sometimes exhausted, yet I know there is deeper purpose I want to express in the world and in my life.

I work hard and am tired of pushing and forcing things to happen. I’m ready for ease.

I’ve read the books, taken the programs and tried to do it everyone else’s way. Now, I am truly ready to find my own way that works for me.

I want to be more spiritually connected to bring more fulfillment into my life and be supported in what I am creating.

Welcome! You are in the right place.
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Just like you need a mirror to see the back of your head, the right coach can illuminate your blind spots in a safe, non-judgmental space.

I’m here to be that coach in your court.

One who can help you understand and leverage your energy. One who collaborates with you and assists you in removing your blocks and shoring up your energy. Working with someone who truly understands your unique wiring and helps you elevate your Energetic IQ™.

One who can help you identify your specific steps, so it is easy and aligned for you to move forward like never before. This is what is possible when you work with the right coach for you.

Trying to do it by someone else’s formula or figure it out yourself isn’t working. There is a part of you that knows there is an easier way and your first step to creating that ease is through booking your Introductory Energetic IQ™ Reading.

This 45-minute session will start the process of you elevating your Energetic IQ™ and creating clarity on your next steps right away.

This isn’t a sales conversation but the first step of my work with my clients.

You’ll walk away from this session with accessing and activating your Soul’s desires.

I did my Introductory Energetic IQ™ Reading with Tami 30 days ago. I was blown away with how powerful it was! The information I received during my reading not only helped me let go of some baggage in my business, it has me moving forward with a greater sense of purpose and confidence that has already translated into more sales. Not only am I benefiting but my entire team is as well! This was the level of support I was looking for to go next level.” - Barb Moses, CEO, High5 Leadership

You do know what’s next, but it’s behind the illusions, fear and fatigue from working hard. This session brings your truth through that fog and brings it front and center.

I work with people in 3-, 6-, or 12-month Energetic IQ™ Programs and before we explore those options, we start with your Introductory Energetic IQ™ Reading.

This gives you the opportunity to experience my work and gain some initial clarity.

After the reading, we’ll explore what your next steps are and how we can collaborate through working together so you can create what your soul is calling for.

If you’re ready to ignite your path of possibilities, book your Introductory Energetic IQ™ Reading today.

How does my Private, One-on-One Energetic IQ™ Coaching work?

It’s like having several coaches for the price of one.

You receive collaborative coaching, learn energetic skills, gain intuitive guidance straight from your Soul and Spiritual Guide Team, plus receive mindset strengthening and healing work along with tangible tools and actions.

Working with me supports your forward progress and honors who you are.
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I only work with a handful of people privately at a time. If you are a business owner, leader or professional, and you’re committed to your personal, professional and spiritual growth, and you’re ready to have a significant transformation in one or more areas of your life this year, get started by booking your Introductory Energetic IQ™ Reading.