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You have found yourself wondering what's next.

There is no coincidence you landed here.

You’re smart and driven and you know there is something next for you.
But what is it exactly? How do you get there? How do you access more ease and flow in creating it? This is what I help my clients with.

I would like to share 4 important themes I have noticed with my clients that may help you during this time of transition.

First, I want to reassure you that you are unique and so is your path forward. Comparing yourself to anyone else or another’s path isn’t constructive.

Second, You are not alone. Almost everyone goes through unexpected and rough times in their life. Having the right support can make all the difference.

Third, It can be challenging to ask for, and receive support, when you pride yourself on figuring things out. In fact, people likely come to YOU for help. So, being in this situation may feel really uncomfortable. It’s ok, I’ve got you.

Fourth, The truth is we all need support. The faster we can accept this, the more smoothly and easily we can receive it, regain our footing and move forward. It is a not a sign of weakness, it actually shows great strength. In fact, it is a demonstration of being willing to learn, grow and evolve. This is the path we are each on, whether we consciously know it or not.

Whether the unexpected has impacted you and created a desire for:

  • Better relationships with your partner, family, children and friends
  • Enhanced career and business growth
  • Improved health, increased energy, less stress and more peace
  • Finding your true self and feeling comfortable and confident again
  • Knowing and living your highest purpose, with satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Feeling connected to something larger than yourself or a renewed spiritual awareness
  • Or something else,

there is something beyond what you are currently experiencing.

You are in the right place!

Just like you need a mirror to see the back of your head, the right coach can illuminate your blind spots in a safe, non-judgmental space.

I’m here to be that coach in your court.

One who can help you understand and leverage your energy. One who collaborates with you and assists you in removing your blocks and shoring up your energy. Working with someone who truly understands your unique wiring through your customized energy blueprint.

One who can help you identify your specific steps, so it is easy and aligned for you to move forward like never before. This is what is possible when you work with the right coach.

Trying to do it by someone else’s formula or figure it out yourself isn’t working. There is a part of you that knows there is an easier way and your first step to creating that ease is through booking your Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package.

We will start with a comprehensive 23-page Pathway to Purpose Preparation Guide. The guide to help you get in touch with the bigger perspective of what’s going on, both externally and internally, helps take the pressure off and prepares you to maximize your 45-minute customized coaching session. Together, the guide and session activate the process of opening your Pathway to Purpose and create clarity on your next steps.

This is the first step of my work with my clients.

You’ll walk away from this session illuminating where you are now, uncovering some blind spots (we all have them), and clarifying what’s possible so you can create beyond your current circumstances.

I did my Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching with Tami 30 days ago. I was blown away with how powerful it was! The information I received during my session not only helped me let go of some baggage in my business, it has me moving forward with a greater sense of purpose and confidence that has already translated into more sales. Not only am I benefiting but my entire team is as well! This was the level of support I was looking for to go next level.” - Barb Moses, CEO, High5 Leadership

There is a part of you that does know what’s next, but it’s behind the illusions, fear and fatigue from pushing through, hoping it will get better and trying to figure things out on your own. This session brings your truth through that fog and into clear view.

I work with people in 3-, 6-, or 12-month Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Programs and before we explore those options, we start with your Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package.

This gives you the opportunity to experience my work and gain some initial clarity.

After the introductory package, we’ll explore what your next steps are and how we can collaborate through working together so you can create what your soul is calling for.

If you’re ready to unlock your path forward, book your Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package today.

How does my Private, One-on-One Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching work?

It’s like having several coaches for the price of one.

You gain customized maps to help you navigate not only the unknown, but also confidently create your unique path forward.

You receive collaborative coaching, learn energetic skills, gain intuitive guidance straight from your Soul and Spiritual Guide Team. You receive personalized, mindset- strengthening techniques, tangible tools and healing work. You learn about your individual energetic blueprint so you can create more ease in your life and relationships. You have accountability and support to bolster your confidence and take Soul-aligned actions.

Working with me supports your highest self, your forward progress and embodying your Soul’s evolution and expression. It’s much like taking piano lessons, you don’t learn, release, and embody everything in one session. It deepens and grows over time.

Are you ready to unlock your path forward, together?

I work one-on-one with purpose-driven individuals. Based on each person’s individual needs, I develop a customized approach to help you unlock your path forward.

Get started by booking your Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package.

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Payment secures your spot. Then, you will schedule your session with Tami and receive a special guide to help you prepare.