Why Life is Like a Snowy Car Ride

  One December morning, I was having a mental conversation with myself whether I should stay at my office and work on the ever-mounding projects or take the day to spend at a gathering of special people. I rationalized that it was a really snowy morning and the drive was going to be challenging. Perhaps I should just stay home instead.  This ping-pong match went on in my head while I proceeded to get ready.

  I decided I would trek out and give the drive a try. While on the snowy car ride, I had a realization that a snowy car ride is like our journey through life.


  Before I began my journey, one of my friends told me the roads were clear at my final destination. She blessed my car with Reiki and I called in angels for support. I was blessed!


  The truth is that we all are blessed on our journey through life and we never travel alone.


  I knew the roads were clear at my final goal or destination and kept that thought in the back of my mind. I also anchored in the feeeeeeling of  ‘this is easy’ and revisited it often  during the journey as a reminder.


  I had a clear vision of what I wanted to experience as the end result, then focused on feeling at ease the whole way.


  I started out my journey with a bit of apprehension. I could have stayed home and canceled the outing or face my fears. I chose to face my fears, knowing it may be a bit rough, especially at first. I kept hearing my dad’s voice in my head,” if the roads are bad – stay HOME!” 


  When you begin to face your fears, old beliefs resurface that can cause you to doubt yourself and what you are doing. That’s normal. The fears don’t need to stop you.


  Then, I settled into the ride with an image and feeling of the clear roads on the TV screen in my mind. I focused intently on the road and taking my time. At one point I relaxed and surrendered – just taking it moment by moment.


  I stayed very alert and awake to the present moment.


  Suddenly I noticed myself feeling in this expansive/endless space of time. I began to feel a deep appreciation for the group of friends I was going to be meeting with. My heart felt so much love. My thoughts naturally went to each and every person in the group, individually. I thought about what I appreciated about each of them.


  Gratitude shifts your perspective, expands your heart and improves your experience.


  Then my attention became focused on how far I had already come. I had already gone past several towns and was slowly, surely and almost automatically making my way. It was working.  I was appreciating what I was seeing out the window. The roads got better and better. I could speed up. Near the end of the journey, it was as promised. Smooth sailing. It seemed effortless. And joy-filled!


  I was where I wanted to be. I was at my final destination. I could and did celebrate my success!


  So, if you ever feel unsure of where you are on the journey, ask yourself ‘where am I in the process’? Let go and know that your destination awaits you. Remember the more you are clear on where you are going, move beyond any fears that come up, stay present in this very moment, finding gratitude in what’s right in front of you, and trust that you are supported all the way, the faster and more amazing your journey and your final destination is! May we all feel blessings on our journey.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

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