Who Am I to Say I Can Do That?

“What if I am just pretending I can do this?” said my client, Jane, “Maybe I am just an imposter.”

After asking her a few additional questions, helping her probe deeper, she responded, “I didn’t think I could be that good since I don’t have years of formal training, but people are having amazing breakthroughs and telling others about my work!” She confided, “I’ve always thought of myself as a left-brain logical person. I didn’t believe I could be good at this new field because I am not creative, but I am learning more about who I really am.”

Some of the brightest and most capable coaches, healers, creative entrepreneurs and service-based business owners often suffer from feeling like a fraud in their work.

I see it all the time in the entrepreneurs I work with.

This greatly limits them and the contribution they are here to make, leaving them dissatisfied, disconnected and discouraged. It also leaves their prospective clients searching for solutions.

Here are some tips for overcoming this nagging self-doubt so you can stand confidently in your gifts, even if you are shaking in your shoes:

Recognize it is natural to feel unnatural in new territory. You are in an unfamiliar situation. When fear comes knocking, acknowledge it, but don’t let it take over. Excitement and fear can sometimes get confused.

Remind yourself you are capable and can handle it. Then, speak from the slightly future part of you who already knows and embodies the value of what you offer.

Stop thinking you need to know everything before you take a new action or make a decision in your business or life (even if it’s the first time you’ve ever done it); the learning curve still applies in business, just like it did in school. It gets easier when you just get started.

Give yourself a break from the intense pressure and high expectations you place on yourself. Instead, begin to focus your energy on celebrating the little and even large steps you’ve made, which will take you forward faster.

Call on your Angels and Divine Team and guide you. When you tap into this Divine Resource you will receive support to shore up your confidence and answers far beyond what your mind can figure out. This adds up to your unshakable inner and outer credibility.

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

Sign up for our mailing list and receive your FREE guide, Turning Obstacles into Miracles.