What Do You Do When Your Business Game is Off?

My dad was an avid baseball player. I remember listening to him coach my older brothers when their hitting game was off. He would say, “Go back to the basics.”

Sometimes the more technologically advanced we get, the more overwhelmed we can be and the more our business game can be off. We can even lose sight of the basics of business building.

The basics in building your service-based business is finding ways to connect with people who are potential clients and people who can refer you to them. One of the key ways to do this is through networking. Networking allows you to literally reaching new pools of clients and partners to help you grow your business.

Networking can be a little terrifying. Even the word sounds kind of clinical and cold. Faced with this, sometimes even the most outgoing person can clam up, as questions and doubts bubble up to the surface when it comes to traditional networking.

But everything you do in your business is really networking – it’s not a separate thing. It is the very connections you make, which are the basic foundation underneath everything you do. From customer satisfaction, to contributing your free gifts, to hosting teleclasses to social media interactions to attending live business related trainings and meetings and social gatherings — it is all part of relationship building, which is the essence of heart-centered networking.

Heart-centered networking is how you show up in the world. It’s your energy. It is also how you interact with others in your business, and outside of your business.

It is how you bring love and your personal expression into the world and how you serve others.

A highly rated value of most entrepreneurs is freedom. Your voice is your freedom. Your expression is your freedom. If it is bound up, you are not free. If you can’t easily express yourself at networking functions, how free are you in other parts of your life? And how free will you be to receive more clients and more financial flow?

When you begin to see networking not as something you turn on and off; not as something you do as a separate ‘thing,’ it becomes much more natural. It can even become a celebration of your uniqueness and Divine gifts. Then, networking supports you to be you, and it becomes fun and profitable.

Heart-centered networking also includes those in-person and online activities, which put you in touch with prospective clients and referral partners who can help you create a greater reach with your work. This aspect of heart-centered networking is done with a strategic approach, in a service-based energy and by engaging in carefully chosen networking events and activities. It becomes an extension of the service you already provide and a channel for more flow to come back to you.

If networking is a chore for you, what would happen if you looked at it as a choice?

If you struggle with being visible and sharing what you do with new people, here is a powerful affirmation to help you:

“It is a choice to grow my business-to do what I love. That includes reaching out to others. I am making the choice to help more people. The Divine provides channels of prosperity through other people; including clients, referrals, resources, inspiration, ideas and money. I am willing to show up in service with my gifts. I allow others to show up as the face of the Divine for me. I am willing to receive from the Divine.”

You can ask your Angels and Divine Team to create the optimal openings to do this more easily. You may receive a nudge to go to a certain event or call a particular person. The openings will be made for you to share what you do with exactly the right people. Your Angels will give you the words to connect with your ideal prospective clients and new referral partners at your next networking event, too. You only need to ask.

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

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