The Two Faces of Desire

A desire is a strong, intense feeling that can either have an aspect of abundance or an aspect of lack, depending on the mindset you have.

Let’s say you have a desire to bring about a change or manifest something new in your life. The difference within the desire between between lack and abundance can be subtle. Let’s take a careful look at where you are coming from as you clarify and focus on your desire.

Here are 2 scenarios to help us do that:
Scenario 1
You see a sale on a CD/DVD series featuring one of your favorite teachers. You begin to think about the product being on sale for just 2 more days. You think about feeling out of sorts lately and how this series may be just the thing to get you back on track. You may say to yourself, “I need to get this to get me out of this rut I’m in. Maybe this is what will turn things around.” Then you begin thinking about how to come up with the money to pay for it. The mindset here is rooted in desire, but with a feeling of lack. The thought is repetitive “how can I get it” and more impulsive and urgent from the standpoint that you don’t have it.

Outcome: You decide to shift your focus and not wait for something or someone to do it for you.

Scenario 2
You have been working through a DVD learn-at-home series that has really helped you release old patterns and limitations. Initially, you purchased virtually every product in the kit, except for the workbook. As you are working through the exercises, you notice that it would be really helpful to have the workbook. At the moment, you are cognizant of your budget and realize it isn’t the ideal time to make a purchase. You decide you will work through what you can on your own and honor your commitment to your budget. You sometimes think “Wow! It would be really cool to have the workbook. I would love to be able to do the exercises in it and utilize that information. That would be really neat. I would like it because I have benefited so much from the material already. This would just add to it.”

The mindset here is rooted in desire and has an abundance feeling to it. You relinquish the attachment to the outcome. That means it’s great if you get it, but will be ok if you don’t.
Outcome: You call the company to see if the missing information is located in any other product that you already have or have access to from them. They decide to send you the workbook for free. In a shipping error, they erroneously mail you 2 copies and tell you to keep them both.

These are real life examples and manifestation lessons to boot! When you shift your desire to a feeling of abundance and release your attachment to the outcome, then you make room for Spirit to work wonders at lightening speed.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help align you with your manifestation.

Ask yourself:
How do I feel about this desire?
1. Is it from a desperate place of yearning, a sense of urgency, feeling deficient or a craving to fill a hunger?
2. Are you tied to it and having thoughts like: “If I don’t get it then I’ll be sunk. I have to have it!”?
3. Is it an aspiration and desire that lifts you up, inspires you and has you moving ahead toward your purpose and goals?
4. Can you walk away from it with the feeling that it would be great to have it and I’ll be OK if I don’t?
5. Does the desire allow you to say YES to yourself in a bigger way?

If you honestly answered YES to questions 1 and 2, then you may want to go back to the drawing board on your desires — what you want to manifest and why. Find ways to shift your perspective to one of abundance in the moment.

If you honestly answered YES to questions 3, 4 and 5, then continue to feel good and trust the manifestation process has sprouted wings. Go about your day minding your vibration and see it on its way to you.

Happy Manifesting!

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

Sign up for our mailing list and receive your FREE guide, Turning Obstacles into Miracles.