The 4 Surprising Stages to Transformation

I don’t hear many people talking about what it REALLY takes to transform and create a new reality in their business. That may be because transformation can be an uncomfortable, challenging experience, yet an incredibly empowering one. Transformation is especially challenging when you aren’t aware of the stages you will move through, don’t consciously have support (earthly or heavenly) or aren’t equipped with the tools and mindset to more easily navigate the experience.

There are four stages to transformation. The speed at which you move through each stage can range from nearly instantaneous to months and years, and everywhere in between. Each person and situation is unique. No matter how long the transformation takes, it can be helpful to understand the stages. When you identify where you are at, you can more easily stay on track to manifesting your desired reality. This can also help you welcome transformation with courage, knowing improvement is happening, despite any temporary signs that may cause you to think otherwise.

Here are the 4 Stages to Transformation:

Stage 1. Weeds Appear in Your Garden

What’s Really Happening: A New Decision & Stirring Up of the Old

Something that was once acceptable is no longer. There are now weeds in your garden you want removed. You’ve made a decision or a declaration for some change in your business or life. As one of my mentor says, “You’ve said the prayer.” She is referring to the silent prayer that you’ve said about wanting things to be different. For example, you may make a decision that you want to create a bigger contribution or to reach more people with your message, etc.. As you begin to embrace this new possibility, this stirs up old ideas, patterns, beliefs and memories of past so they can be cleansed and released. This can be uncomfortable, but if you meet it without resistance you allow a deep internal cleansing. You are making space for something better and on your way to greater good. You are clearing away the weeds.

When you decide to transform a part of your business or life, your old way of thinking and being clashes with your new way of thinking and being. A chemical process literally takes place in your thoughts and feelings which is reflected in your body and affairs, according to Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Healing.

Stage 2. The Cosmic Rototiller Breaks Up the Foundation to Create Right Conditions for Your New Seeds to Grow

What’s Really Happening: Your World Gets Rocked

In this stage, the fertile soil beneath your feet, or your foundation gets rocked. Even bigger shake ups can occur where self-limitations are broken down in your business or life. This may also look like challenges with people, too. This is the stage where a new foundation is being created.

Confusion, indecision, and feelings of lack of control often accompany this stage because things are changing so fast. Old conditions may flare up in body, mind, relationships or financial matters so they may be healed.

An even deeper cleansing is happening in this stage. Energetically it feels like you’ve thrown the items in your business or life up in the air and are waiting for them to land. You are waiting for things to come back together. Know that attainment of your heart’s desires comes after these experiences. This is the breakdown before a breakthrough.

At this stage, it can be helpful to remember: “Anything, or any experience that causes you to grow, is success and healing taking place,” Catherine Ponder.

Stage 3. Germination of Your Good

What’s Really Happening: Quietness

Just as you can’t see the incredible growth of a seed beneath the surface, this is a time of great change. This is a transition period. It may seem to be a time of apparent loss or failure. This is a time to adopt a success mindset, so doubt doesn’t take over. You are transitioning from lesser to greater good. Something new is being born in you, but you don’t see the manifestation of it ‘above ground’ in your outer experience yet. Trust it is on its way.

Stage 4. Your “Fruit” or Good Appears

What’s Really Happening: Fulfillment

Your transformation and new good appears in your world. It may come quietly. It may feel like a natural unfoldment of ideas and events. Your newfound good has manifested in your outer experience. Often this happens with little or no fanfare. It is just the next natural step.

Remember, while transformation can be uncomfortable, it is well worth it. Everything you want lives on the other side of that transformation you desire. Here is to your courage and success!

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

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