Replenish Yourself

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Renew yourself. When you feel you can’t connect to God; your innermost voice; your heart’s desire; you need to stop all of your doings and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in whatever way replenishes your outlook, your physical senses and your day. Begin today to know exactly what you need…

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Unbridled Trust

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, There is peace in being yourself. When you honor your inner calling, speak your truth and express your natural talents, you are in alignment with your Soul. From this space there is no lack, doubt, worry or concern. . . just unbridled trust. That is what true peace is. To be…

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Your Divine Pathway

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, What is it most that you want? Feel it in your heart. For there is where every dream is seeded and born. Breathe and relax into this possibility; this vision. Know the energy behind everything is what directs it to you. When you get confused or overwhelmed, simply breathe and refocus.…

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The True Prosperity You Seek

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, In an outer world of flurry, you are most able to consciously create when you slow down your inner world. Become deliberate in your breath, your thoughts, your actions. For when you do, you will feel peace return. For peace is the true prosperity you are looking for. Any form of…

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Your Heaven is at Hand

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, You know your path is to heal your wounds and in doing so you shall help others heal and understand theirs. Give yourself a break and have some fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously or try to be so perfect or you will miss out on all of the fun and…

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