Feel the Spaciousness

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Feel the spaciousness between your breaths. Relax into it. Slow your breathing d-o-w-n. Take a deep, S L O W breath in and release it ever so s-l-o-w-l-y. Repeat. In this space clearly set your intention for the day. And cherish the peace of quiet. We are with you in your…

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Open the Door

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Gracefully seek to know God. Instead of pushing, forcing and rushing to DO, relax and breathe. Know as you relax your body, your heart naturally opens up more. When you allow this to happen, you open the space for God to commune with you. People often make things much more complex…

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Desire Leads the Way

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Remember to check in with your heart as you move forward in your life. Even if you are a little nervous as you expand your comfort zone, t-r-u-s-t that if your heart is in it, your desire will lead the way over obstacles of doubt, concern, and worry. Trust your inner…

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Uplift Your Wings

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Uplift your wings, Beloved One. You are standing there on the ground when indeed you can soar. Choose it. It is your time! There is nothing else to wait for. As soon as you take the first step, you will see how easy it is. Just believe. And so it is.…

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The Holy Sync

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, The beat of your heart is in rhythm with the Creative Force in your life. If you just listen and sync to it, it will lead you precisely to your most incredible life. When you begin to rush, force, panic and push, you cover the sound of the beat so you…

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Each Step Up

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Do not feel that you walk alone, even when it seems no one else is around you. Trust that there are unseen Loving Beings accompanying you in your life. If you begin to feel lonely, isolated and scared, request the presence of myself or another of 100% Love and Light to…

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