I can’t believe I am admitting this

Watch this video on What to Do If You Don’t Meet Your Own Expectations in Your Business and how to set your own high bar in your business so you reach your goals, even if you have perfectionist tendencies. If you know a friend who has perfectionist tendencies, do me  a favor and share this…

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Drink in Truth

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, You are not alone, Dear One, e-v-e-r. You are constantly surrounded by loving forces. Even in the darkest of hours, know that your deepest supports walk with you. When it feels like the road is too hard and you can’t go on, call upon them to lift you up so you…

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Your Divine Discovery

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Know your Truth for it will indeed set you free. Free to love, embrace and radiate God’s love in an experiential and fulfilling way that is as unique as your fingerprint. Self honesty is the key to lifting the veil of what limits your expression, joy, and connection to your Creator.…

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Open the Door

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, Gracefully seek to know God. Instead of pushing, forcing and rushing to DO, relax and breathe. Know as you relax your body, your heart naturally opens up more. When you allow this to happen, you open the space for God to commune with you. People often make things much more complex…

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