Champion the Highest Expression

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, There is no beginning and no end to the Love there is for you. You were born a Divine Child of God and will live on through eternity as such. Know in this lifetime, you can expand your impact and creation of Love to however big you would like to. It…

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Be One With Who You Are

Divine Inspirations Dearest One of Truth, Seek the sunset and glory in your day, for you shall find it. Seek comfort in your own heart, and you shall find it. Breathe easy knowing all is well as you strengthen your connection to the Spirit that sets you free. Be brave when distractions come, and they…

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Your Wings

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, You’ve shifted to a new level of awareness, clarity and hope. It is a new beginning from where you stand. Today, you have a clean palette in front of you from which to create. Do not go back to the thoughts of old, for they no longer keep you bound. It…

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The Love That You Radiate

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, You are Love. You cannot be fear. That is why it is so uncomfortable, uneasy and unacceptable. Know this every time you step into a pocket of fear. Then, call upon me to restore your perspective and your knowingness to the Love that you are and that you radiate. You are…

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