How to be Calm, Confident and Connected in Uncertain Times

How to be Calm, Confident and Connected in Uncertain Times 8 Tips Your Angels Want You To Know Audio Program “That was a really super presentation. Very professional, good information and I really enjoyed it! Loved the tips as well as the background info. Loved the second exercise on tip #3! Really taking that one…

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Blessed Beyond Belief

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, You are blessed beyond belief. And therein lies the challenge. Your lack of belief in yourself and the greater world around you to support you limits your experience. Do not beat yourself up or berate yourself. Instead, treat yourself with the love and respect of your most beloved One. Indeed, you…

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Champion the Highest Expression

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, There is no beginning and no end to the Love there is for you. You were born a Divine Child of God and will live on through eternity as such. Know in this lifetime, you can expand your impact and creation of Love to however big you would like to. It…

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The Love That You Radiate

Divine Inspirations Dearest One, You are Love. You cannot be fear. That is why it is so uncomfortable, uneasy and unacceptable. Know this every time you step into a pocket of fear. Then, call upon me to restore your perspective and your knowingness to the Love that you are and that you radiate. You are…

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