How Big Can You Grow? Why not CEO? Episode #5

Are you being called to step into being a CEO in your business? How is this different than being a business owner? What does becoming CEO in your business mean to you and the people you serve? In this interview, we will explore these topics. You will also learn the essential elements needed to become a CEO in your business and how you can bring business to a new level of consciousness.

Victoria’s Bio
Victoria is a mission-driven heart-centered entrepreneur and the CEO of Heart & Soul CEO and Heart & Soul CEO Academy where Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Rise Up to the CEO They are Meant to Be!

As a consultant, coach and mentor, Victoria is great at connecting the dots, bringing the non-linear into the linear, tying strategy to tactics, making cents out of non-sense, wrangling chaos, and orchestrating solutions.

What makes her different however, is that she is able to see into the depths of the shadows and the unseen to see what even her clients can’t see. Her gift of being able to see in the dark enables her to guide her clients on their journey, face and shine the light on their dark shadows (dragons) to break through barriers that have kept them stuck, perhaps for years. Working with her is healing, uplifting and propelling both personally and professionally.