I’ve increased my income by thousands each month & have a sustainable business model.”

Before I stalinked in photorted the Divine Partnership Program, I was doing well in my business but I knew there was something that was holding me back. My clients needed more support, which meant I needed to expand my business.

Tami’s positive attitude, unwavering support, and uplifting encouragement made it easy to address the underlying beliefs that were holding me back. Even now I use the tools she taught me anytime I feel blocked or stuck, and within minutes I can feel a drastic change. (And I see more clients and income quickly start rolling shortly after!)

Together, we created a high-end program to offer my clients that was built around my unique gifts  and talents. I have already enrolled four clients into the program and I am really enjoying this aspect of my business. It has increased my income by $2000/month and I see that growing. It is creating a sustainable business model for me, and I no longer have to be constantly be chasing clients. I am now also giving presentations and am more easily able to step out of my comfort zone and be seen with my gifts.      

Through coaching with Tami, I lost my fear of failure, and I gained the confidence to really be myself- which meant dropping all the pressure I had placed on myself to be perfect for so many years! I know I can always call on my Angels for guidance, and my life is so much easier now. I am amazed at how the Universe is delivering exactly what I need for each session! It’s actually been really fun! I am now confident that I am creating the kind of business that my clients and I really deserve.

Teresa Martens