“I’ve had bigger breakthroughs with Tami in 3 sessions than I’ve ever gotten working with other coaches for 6 months!”

ShannonBefore working with Tami, I had tried everything (trust me, I mean everything) to help me in my business. I had worked with coaches before that had fantastic business ideas, but I still wasn’t seeing any significant difference in my business. 

Tami was so different than any other coach I had worked with – for one, she wasn’t working by herself. She showed me how to become open to guidance from my Divine Team of Angels. Tami quickly honed in on and removed the internal blocks that were keeping me from moving forward and from then on, everything changed.  What I learned is that you can receive all the business ideas you want, but if you have a block, those ideas aren’t going to go anywhere.

I’ve had bigger breakthroughs with Tami in 3 sessions than I’ve ever gotten working with other coaches for 6 months. In fact, I’ve gotten further with Tami than I’ve ever gotten with anyone else ever!

In the past when there was a challenge in an important business relationship, it would keep getting more difficult and eventually the relationship would end. Things are so much easier now! I was able to reconcile a relationship in my life that I had before feared wouldn’t be possible.

I enjoy more clear communications with my clients and colleagues and it is making a big difference in my peace of mind and in the quality of my business and life.

The best part was, this program still is the gift that keeps on giving. Even months after the program, I continue to revisit the notes and recordings. Wow! I never thought a program could continue to support me at deeper and deeper levels each time.

If you are in business and you’re on a spiritual path, I highly suggest working with Tami. Without Tami’s support I would have never been able to heal and change some of my deepest life-long patterns of struggle that were keeping me from harmonious relationships and the business I really wanted. It really was a miracle. Thank you Tami, I am forever grateful!

~Shannon McMahon
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