“I have a trust in myself that I’ve never experience before!”

12Before working with Tami, I was looking for guidance on how to grow my business, and how to manage a team, rather than doing it all myself.  I had let my business overwhelm my life to the point that I wasn’t enjoying the things that really mattered to me. I felt stuck and I really needed new ways of thinking and help managing things.

Now I’m living by a whole new philosophy: I’m making ease and joy a way of life. Since working with Tami, I’ve attracted two amazing, talented and supportive sales people onto my team. I’ve already seen an increase in profits, and I’ve strategically structured my business to continue growing financially. I have no doubt that there are unlimited possibilities for the future!

I feel so blessed because I now know and trust that I am always supported by my Higher Guidance and my Angels, and I don’t have to be that “worry wart” anymore! I have the confidence to manage my team members in a more grounded way that is in alignment with me. I have a trust in myself that I’ve never experience before. I’ve even started to write my own book (something I’ve wanted to do for years)!

I’m so much more of a confident, happy person, thanks to Tami. Her intuitive guidance is so brilliant and simple, and it can truly can change a life – it has certainly transformed mine!

Jane Hawley Stevens