Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package
for purpose-driven individuals

In this introductory private coaching together, we will

  • Illuminate where you are on your path.
  • Uncover blind spots (we all have them).
  • Clarify what’s possible so you can create beyond your current circumstances.

You will

  • Gain resources and insights to help connect you with your highest guidance and solutions to your most pressing challenges.
  • Be witnessed and begin to rekindle your inner strength, sense of purpose, and courage while held in a sacred container.
“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
― Joseph Campbell

Here’s what happens when we work together. You’ll . . .


Clarity. Confidence. Revelations. Focus. Direction. Ease. Lightness. Expansiveness. Flow.


Possibilities. Aligned Solutions. Breakthroughs. Extraordinary Outcomes.

Shift happens.

Co-create your shift today with an
Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package.

You can feel the deep satisfaction of navigating new terrain (both internally and externally) while feeling totally supported and trusting yourself.

“Tami’s skill and connectivity are masterful. During our Introductory Pathways to Purpose Private Coaching I found each of her insights incredibly accurate. Since our session, several things have started shifting in my life including the uncovering of a whole new model for my business. I highly recommend her to anyone who has struggled to create real change, uncover long-term sabotaging behavior or discover why things just never feel like they are going your way.” -Jenn Olson, DVLP Solutions,

This Introductory Pathway to Purpose Coaching Package includes:

  • A 45-minute private Introductory Pathways to Purpose Session to connect you with your highest guidance, energy shifts and clarity on your pathway forward.
  • The Pathway to Purpose Guide:How to Maximize Your Clarity and Results with Your Introductory Session as We Begin to Map Your Way Forward. A powerful 23-page  guide with exercises to prepare and support you on your journey and help you more deeply partner with your Soul to live out your highest purpose.
  • An mp3 recording of the session to listen to the session filled with insights, information and mindset shifts over and over.
  • A 20-minute Creation Call to help you clarify and focus on what you want to create from your new energetic space.

Investment: Special pricing today for this
Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package is $250. (a $500 value)

This is paid-in-full prior to the session. You will have the opportunity to apply this investment towards a Pathway to Purpose
mini-, medium- or longer-term coaching/consultation package should you wish to deepen or further the transformation you experience.

To book your Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching Package

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“Greater Purpose. Increased Confidence. More Sales.

That’s what I gained from my Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching

I did my first Introductory Pathway to Purpose Private Coaching with Tami 30 days ago. I was blown away with how powerful it was! The information I received during my session not only helped me let go of some baggage in my business, it has me moving forward with a greater sense of purpose and confidence that has already translated into more sales. Not only am I benefiting but my entire team is as well! This was the level of support I was looking for to go next level.” - Barb Moses, CEO, High5 Leadership