You thought you were on a certain path, but then something unexpected happened. It changed you.

You’re wrestling with how to move forward.

(yeah, it’s uncomfortable but don’t worry, I’ve
got you.)

The new path ahead is calling to you and you are more ready than you think you are.

Your foundation is rocked.
Now what?

When shit hits the fan in any or all areas of your life, the tendency is to focus on healing, numbing out, learning more, “figuring it out,” shutting down, or getting hyper-focused on what you’ve done thinking that if you just work harder, it’s got to work out. 

But the solution is to let go of who you were - the past versions of yourself and those former beliefs -- to awaken to what’s true for you NOW.

You’re exactly where you need to be to find your way back to your soul.




Why isn’t this working?

This isn’t how it is supposed to be.

I should be over this by now.

Why does it feel so hard?!


My guess is you’re trying to find your way back to who you were, except there isn’t a way “back.” There is only the way forward.
This is an unfamiliar path that leads you to who you are becoming.

(Sounds simple, right? Yeah, it’s uncomfortable as hell.)


I’m Tami Gulland and I partner with you to find the courage to answer the call of your soul and step into who you are here to be.

You’ve created amazing results in your life, you’re self-aware, and you’ve figured things out before… so why aren’t you figuring this out faster?



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You’re here for a reason.
Your purpose, connection, and way forward starts here.

As an intuitive life strategist and a spiritual guide, I help
entrepreneurs and professionals, like you, get clear on the path
that is meant for you so you can:

  • Regain your confidence.
  • Become resilient to setbacks and challenges.
  • Deepen or reignite your spiritual connection.
  • Stop judging yourself.
  • Liberate yourself from what has kept you stuck.
  • Contribute your special gifts to the world.
  • Honor your flow instead of forcing, pushing, or burning out.
  • Embrace what makes you unique.
  • Learn how to work with your intuitive
    capacities and trust yourself.
  • Change old patterns and beliefs so you align with your purpose.
  • Shift family and relationship dynamics to have deeper and more nourishing relationships.
  • Create supportive boundaries.
  • Stop overthinking and overgiving.
  • Embody your value and worth.

What’s on the other side of this powerful (and uncomfortable)
awakening is a deep knowing of what you’re meant to do, what
your unique gifts are and how they are best expressed. The result is
a deeper spiritual connection, more ease, joy, and clarity.

Let’s do it together.

Rich Blessings,

I can walk this path with you because I’ve been there many times.

I’ve been to that place in my life that left me feeling lost and disoriented because it made no sense.

I accomplished things in my career and business. I overcame challenges with my husband and family. I knew how to “do” life and I was really proud that I figured some big things out.

But there I was in the void resulting from big life changes that left me searching for myself, my next step, and a way forward.

Your first step to getting back home to yourself is to understand what’s really going on so you can take the pressure off, let go of self-judgment, and see your
way forward.

I work with people in a variety of ways. Contact me here to explore private coaching.