Manifesting Money, Magic and Miracles, Episode 9

During this engaging and insightful interview, you will:

  • Discover surprising reasons you may be sabotaging your prosperity
  • Clarify the major blocks to boosting your income
  • Learn 5 potent steps to manifesting financial magic & outrageous success
  • Uncover how to break through your inner glass ceiling with money
  • Experience a powerful exercise to get in touch with and activate your money mojo
  • Learn potent questions that create space for your dreams to come true

Free Gift: Money Flow Formula Kit – release one of your most basic blocks to financial success – financial stress with this self-study mini course.

Heidi Garis is president and CEO of Unbounded Potentials Success Coaching and the creator of the transformational “Empowered You” events.  As an international success coach, psychotherapist and intuitive energy healer her passion is working with conscious, spiritually-minded women who feel stuck and secretly wonder if the success they dream of is possible for them.  Through her unique and personalized process Heidi empowers her clients to break through their inner glass ceiling and discover their unlimited potential.  Free from their internal barriers, her clients reclaim their power, embrace their infinite possibility and create the success and abundance they desire with ease.

You can learn more about Heidi and the empowering work she offers at