How Goals Can Sabotage Your Success (and what to do instead)

If you are a high-achieving, recovering perfectionist, like me, then goals can actually sabotage your success.

Let me explain.

As a go-getter, you set the bar pretty high for yourself. So high, in fact, that it may be really difficult for you to actually reach your goals. “But, the sky is the limit,” you figure, “so why not?!”

The problem is typically not in your ability to set goals and timelines. The problem comes when your deadline to achieve your goal passes and you haven’t met your goal. The missed goal becomes ammunition – another sneaky way to beat yourself up. You then put more pressure on yourself to make your goal happen, which creates additional anxiety and clamps down on your spirit. All of this constricts your energy. Constricted energy repels clients. On top of that your attachment to achieving that goal leaves you with crushing disappointment and dashed dreams. You silently begin to give up a little hope and doubt yourself. You wonder, “Is this even possible?” and “Can I really be successful?”

Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration with goals, there is something else you can do to give your work direction and build your business. You can identify and go for your dreams in a way that builds on your success and takes you higher. You can do this by creating targets.

A target is something you aim towards.

Think of dart game. It’s a board of concentric circles, where you receive points for getting your dart anywhere on the board. You also get multiple tries to improve your score, and it accumulates. You give yourself credit all along the way for what you have done.

For example, your target might be:

I am signing on 5 new clients by the end of next month. Then, celebrate each new client as you enroll him or her, without attachment to the exact number, outcome and timeframe. Progress, not perfection is what counts. This approach creates the energetic space for more clients to come into your world as you maintain an open heart to what is possible.

So the next time you want to create a goal, create a target instead. Then, hold on loosely to your target, handing the attachment of having it be exactly that outcome over to the Divine. Take inspired action and do your part — taking the steps you need to connect with referral partners, invite clients into conversations, or whatever the steps may be toward your particular target.

Set intentions and targets to shoot for, then surrender, believe and receive. You may be surprised at how much easier it is to actually hit the bullseye. Let me know how you do with this by posting your comment below.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

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