How Do You Rock It With Your Confidence When You Are Called to Step Up?

When you find yourself in unknown territory as an entrepreneur, (which can be daily or even hourly!) how do you rock it with your confidence when your knees are shaking and you are feeling uncertain of yourself?

I want to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes.

I found myself in that very place SO many times over the past several months while creating and hosting the Heart-Centered Networking Virtual Training. I was faced with countless decisions about different aspects of the training – from webpages to shopping carts to conference lines to recording services to servers – and so much more. Many new decisions were required on things I had some experience with but many were about things I had never done before nor had any prior knowledge of.

I was stretched way out of my comfort zone, for sure. I was reaching out for big requests to some well-known people whom I had never met before. I was doing things that earlier in my life I never dreamt I would be doing, such as gathering people from the US to the French Alps to Israel to the United Arab Emirates and beyond into a LIVE online program using technology I wasn’t familiar with. Remember, I got my start as a farm girl in a small town in Wisconsin. Plus, I have a shy side. Only, I have a BIG calling in my heart. And, I know if you are reading this, you do, too.

I want to share what helps me tap into confidence when I am called to step up with my gifts in a new and bigger way. I think it will help you, too:

Partner with Your Angels and Divine Team (this includes Source) to keep you grounded in love and centered on your contribution. Allow them to guide you each step of the way.

Set a clear intention. Be clear what you want to create and experience. Write down your intention. Then release it to your Angels and Divine Team to assist you with orchestrating the details.

Trust your decision-making. Observe your decision-making process and notice what works and what doesn’t work for you. Become fluent at making decisions. Notice the times you utilize your Divine Guidance in decision making and what your outcomes are vs. when you don’t.

Accept you will make some choices that work well and some that won’t. In hindsight you may see that a different choice may have worked out better and that’s ok. No one is perfect or has to be perfect. Mis-takes give you another ‘take’ or try. They are part of the process of being human and learning. They can help you to grow and become clearer on your path and desires. They can help you choose again and create something different.

Let go of attachment to needing the outcome turn out a certain way. If you have high expectations and a strong attachment about the way it has to work out, this can squeeze out your ability to see the Divine Orchestration taking place. It can also set you up for a big disappointment. There is always a Divine Plan at work, which will bring you exactly what you need, when you need it, even though it may be different than what you thought you needed.

Make a pact with yourself that you will do your best and celebrate before, during and after you put yourself out there in a new way or into new territory. If you know you can count on your own encouragement and support no matter how things turn out, it is a lot easier to give something your all and take risks. Then other peoples’ encouragement will be like icing on the cake. Nice, but not necessary.

Get back into your heart. If you revert to old habits and find you are stuck in your head or struggling, clear the energy blocks that pop up. Reframe your thinking. Make inspiration part of the experience by walking in nature, reading a positive book passage or watching an uplifting video as part of your supportive habits to keep you centered in your heart, especially during this time of change.

Tap into the support of a coach, mastermind group or accountability buddy to help you keep on track, meeting your goals and moving ahead, despite any challenges you face in the process.

Keep your perspective. Remember the words of David Krueger from The Secret Language of Money: "You’ll never do anything important or fulfilling that will feel comfortable at first. Growth and progress always feel uncertain in the beginning . . . Anxiety signals you are moving ahead into a new experience – it is not an indication of danger or inability. You have to proceed despite anxiety in order to master the task . . . The only familiar territory is behind you."

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

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