How Do You Confidently Navigate in the New, Unchartered Territory of the Unknown?

Brigit was very successful in her traditional consulting business. She consistently added new clients. She was making good money. She was using her talents to help others.

Only, something was missing.

Brigit had another passion that was calling her. She waffled back and forth between continuing her business and fulfilling her other passion. When we worked together, in partnership with her Angels and Power  Team, we were given clear steps on how to incorporate both in her business .  Her fears immediately came to the surface, along with her self-doubt. She was entering new, unchartered territory.

As she followed her Higher Guidance and the clues on her path to fulfilling both of her purposes, she began to see how this new business was a deeper reflection of her bigger mission. She became much more inspired, creative and joyful with her business.

Here are the things I shared with Brigit to help her confidently navigate in the new territory of the unknown and offer them to help you, too:

1. Recognize you are navigating uncharted territory. It is natural to feel unsure of yourself.

2. Ask for support from your Angels and Power Team (including Archangels, Masters, Loving Guides, Source). Moving into the unknown requires you to operate at a higher level of trust in the Divine and to lean  upon the Divine Support available to you 24/7. That is why it is called Higher Guidance. It takes you higher with your purpose and in your energy ,  expression and joy.

3. Discern the difference between Higher Guidance and False or Ego Guidance.

When you take a step in the direction of following your Higher Guidance (which can be a knowing, feeling, picture in your mind’s eye, auditory message or synchronicity) a fear typically comes up right after you receive the Higher Guidance. This is ego resistance. It doesn’t cancel out the guidance. It is  natural  indicator you are on the threshold of embracing something new. It is a sign of an opportunity for transformation.

When you receive Higher Guidance to expand, take a step forward, risk putting yourself out in a bigger way or  get the support you need to move forward, then almost immediately fear will likely come up. Your Ego will try to talk you out of all the reasons why you shouldn’t take that step.

Your Higher Guidance will continually whisper small and big ways you can best grow, evolve, serve and express your gifts in order to be all of who you are here to be.

Your Ego, on the other hand, will loudly (and even quietly and sneakily sometimes)  tell you why you can’t have it, why it won’t work for you,  why you don’t deserve it and remind you there are no guarantees.

The Ego’s critical or judgmental voice will tell you why you shouldn’t get too big for your own good, that it is safer to keep yourself hidden and not venture out into the unknown. But a life lived this way is like a plant kept in the dark that never gets to really blossom or dance in the breeze under the light of day.

4. Manage Your Energy and Mindset. While you are embarking on this new terrain, be aware of your focus and energy so that you can maintain a positive perspective and can-do mindset. Surround yourself with Loving Beings, both earthly and Heavenly, to support you, to stay positive and present to new possibilities.

By partnering with your Angels and Power Team, being able to discern between your Higher Guidance and Ego resistance, managing your energy, and getting support to keep moving forward you will be well on your way to your most joyful business and life.

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

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