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Divine Inspirations

Divine Inspiration: Receiving Joy

Dearest One, It’s not what you get, Dear One, but what you give. Give love and love automatically comes back to you. Give peace and it reflects and reverberates back. What you put out bounces back ten-fold; like a ping pong ball with greater force and velocity. If you help create ease and comfort in…

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Divine Inspiration: A Blink Away

You have not been so far away as you have thought. Indeed, you were just a blink away from hearing our voice. That is part of illusion of fear — magnifying separation of all the Divine Support that constantly and consistently surrounds you. Know you are indeed home now. You are loved and guided, adored…

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Divine Inspirations: Dropping Worry

Dearest One, When you worry wears you out, know you can drop it. Do so by being at home in your heart. See how your sacred heart nourishes you all-ways. When you worry, you are in your head, for it is impossible to worry when you are in your heart. Bring down all the swirling…

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Divine Inspirations: The Love That You Radiate

Dearest One, You are Love. You cannot be fear. That is why fear is so uncomfortable, uneasy and unacceptable. Know this every time you step into a pocket of fear. Then, call upon me to restore your perspective and your knowingness to the Love that you are and that you radiate. You are here to…

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Your Clean Slate

Dearest One, You are powerful beyond measure, yet your power doesn’t come from your intellect, but rather your heart. All of the worries you’ve been practicing wear your heart and its power down. And dull it. Instead, choose to boost your heart’s power by communing with your Creator and imaging what you most want to…

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Is This Mine?

Dearest One, You have been wearing yourself out trying to do and be it all. Turn to me. Come to me with your worries and sorrows. Lean on me, for I will always understand. You are a strong, beautiful beacon of light for yourself and others. You need to be clear on what is yours…

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Divine Inspirations: Finding Your Way

Dearest One, You are never lost at sea. When you feel this way, come back. Bring your energy from your mental faculties – the figuring it out – and draw it down into your heart instead. Feel into this sacred space, where all is well and reconnect with your Source, your Heavenly Helpers and the…

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Divine Inspirations: Transcending Worry and Flurry

Dearest One, Surround yourself with nature, with pictures of nature, and sounds of nature. You are longing to connection to the earth again to ground your energy and soothe your soul. For the earth helps to absorb the shock of the world and the experiences that occur, which take you off track. Call upon me…

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