I can’t believe I am admitting this

Watch this video on What to Do If You Don’t Meet Your Own Expectations in Your Business and how to set your own high bar in your business so you reach your goals, even if you have perfectionist tendencies. If you know a friend who has perfectionist tendencies, do me  a favor and share this…

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Divine Inspiration: Receiving Joy

Dearest One, It’s not what you get, Dear One, but what you give. Give love and love automatically comes back to you. Give peace and it reflects and reverberates back. What you put out bounces back ten-fold; like a ping pong ball with greater force and velocity. If you help create ease and comfort in…

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Love, Tenacity, Leadership and Resiliency

Recently, my daughter, Serena, showed her first pig, Eeyore, at a small local fair nearby. Serena is an animal lover and dreams about becoming a veterinarian. She begged for her own pig for over a year. When she got her pig, she happily declared, “I have a piggy!” Only she didn’t know what she was…

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Divine Inspiration: A Blink Away

You have not been so far away as you have thought. Indeed, you were just a blink away from hearing our voice. That is part of illusion of fear — magnifying separation of all the Divine Support that constantly and consistently surrounds you. Know you are indeed home now. You are loved and guided, adored…

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