Are You Hiding From Your Divine Purpose?

Carl was in a transition in his life. He felt the pressure to make a decision on what to do next for his work. He came to me saying, “I don’t know what to do.” But the truth is, he had a pull in his heart towards something specific. He had a calling to be of service and to help other people. That calling is his Divine Purpose. He thought he ‘should’ pick the safe route – the one that seemed to be the path his loved ones wanted him to follow. The one he felt he could easily succeed at. But the more he went down that road mentally and physically, the more he realized something wasn’t quite right. His heart grew discontent.

As we worked together, we cleared away the static on the airwaves to his Angels. He was able to see the unique gifts he brought to the world. He was able to connect with the calling and guidance that lived within his heart. His Divine Purpose was inviting him to stretch and grow beyond his current comfort zone. Knowing it would take some additional training and dedication to overcome a physical set-back, he committed to follow his calling to become a firefighter.

How can you tell if you are hiding from your Divine Purpose?

If your heart is growing discontent, it can be a sign something is out of alignment – often that can be that you are not fully sharing the gifts you are here to share – your Divine Purpose.

You may find yourself saying “I don’t know what to do” even though you’ve had repetitive feelings and thoughts about going in a specific direction. That is one way fear creates confusion instead of clarity on your next steps.

You can ask yourself if your Divine Purpose has the following qualities to help you identify it:

The focus of it is something that moves you internally and emotionally.

It is something that keeps coming back into your awareness.

It is often something that both excites you and makes you nervous at the same time.

It requires you to grow, learn and become an even better version of you by following the calling.

It inspires you to share your gifts with others in a much bigger or more impactful way.

If you suspect you may be hiding from your Divine Purpose, ask your Angels to help you uncover it, clear away the fear standing in the way and support you in bringing it alive in your life. They will!

Tap into clarity and courage.

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Tap into clarity and courage.

Sign up for our mailing list and receive your FREE guide, Turning Obstacles into Miracles.