Dear Intuitive, Service-Based Business Owner… (Coaches, Consultants, Healing Professionals and Creative Entrepreneurs)

Get into Your Productive Zone, Feel Inspired, Spiritually-Connected and Fully Aligned Now

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Do you want to…

  • Clearly and specifically know what to do next in your business
  • Stay focused and on track, taking inspired action to reach your goals
  • Feel clear and aligned inside so you can enjoy your work and naturally expand your reach
  • Act on your intentions in a way that gets the most important things done and be productive in your business
  • Grow your business from owning and building upon on your strengths
  • Recognize the support you can tap into 24/7

If you are you ready to feel lighter inside, get more done and know you are on the right track I am inviting you to…

Alignment First™
Acceleration Experience

Friday, February 16, 2018
8:30 – 1:30 pm Mountain | 9:30-2:30 pm Central |
10:30-3:30 pm Eastern

During this 5-hour virtual work day, you will:

  • Stop the mental spinning that gets in your way of forward progress
  • Have your next steps revealed to you from a place of inspiration
  • Feel energized and excited to get into action
  • Get key things checked off your to do list that will increase your business opportunities and income
  • Dedicate time to finish what you have been putting off
  • Stay focused on one thing at a time
    Clear out emotional hold ups around doing what’s most important
  • Release distractions
  • Tap into the group energy of accomplishment to move you forward
  • Be emotionally and mentally supported
  • Have a guide by your side that gives you feedback and helps keep you on track
  • Meet, connect with and support other heart-centered entrepreneurs on a similar journey in a safe, intimate group setting

Rock out 2018,
inspired and on a roll.
Claim your spot now!

Your investment is only $197
(Valued at $497)


“It was a turning point – getting all of myself on board.”

It started working as soon as I was introduced to the Alignment First™ tool. It was like it was working in the background. It felt as if all the jig saw puzzle pieces in my business that were up in the air dropped into place. I am now energized to work toward my goals and take action.


I’ve had a huge shift after understanding my Fixed Mindset Challenge and am putting one foot in front of the other now. I have so much positive going on in my business. I’m back to my core and feeling completely aligned with more clarity and openness to what I want. Applying this tool amplifies the energy you want to BE. It’s a game changer.”


Nukhet Hendricks

Women's Leadership Coach, | Fargo, ND | West Palm Beach, FL

This is for you if you…

  • Want to feel focused, productive and at ease with a greater sense of spiritual connectedness in business and in life.
  • Are wondering why your results aren’t the same as they used to be.
  • Would like to stop working so hard; pushing and forcing to make things happen in your business.
  • Want to feel empowered, energized and on track in your business.
  • Want more self-assurance, confidence and ability to focus on the positives and take action from this place.
  • Are ready to have more fun and for business to feel lighter and easier.

This is not for you if you are. . .

  • Looking for a quick fix or magic bullet that will solve all of your problems.
  • Not open-minded or willing to learn and consider new perspectives.
  • Not open to working with your intuition, Universal Energy/Your Spiritual Team and Source as part of your business strategy.

Examples of How Clients Have Used This Workday to Boost Their Businesses:

  • Mapped out business plan for next year and made decisions on raising rate
  • Mapped out blog post content and social media strategies and delegated tasks to team members
  • Brainstormed topics, wrote, recorded and posted videos
  • Finished first draft of free gift
  • Created outline, curriculum and benefits of program offering
  • Wrote entire teleseminar
  • Put together presentation in PowerPoint– beginning to end – for an upcoming talk
  • Created a quiz for potential clients
  • Wrote single page website and created a new business card
  • Wrote/updated website
  • Wrote an in-depth assessment for potential clients
  • Other ideas include: make sales or connection calls, reach out to potential affiliate partners, create pipeline for potential clients, develop an autoresponder sequence for gift or offer, write an outline for book, update your website and/or other business systems, get caught up in a program you are in



I had laser-focused attention and got so much done!

I can easily be distracted, but during this focused work day together, I had laser-focused attention on the projects to complete.

I got so much done! I left with a feeling of accomplishment and relief!


Teresa Lea

Grief & Trauma Specialist, Body-Centered Healing, In Touch In Life

Here’s what the 5-Hour Alignment First™ Acceleration Experience includes:

Align and Fill From Your Source to Set Your Direction

We’ll kick off the day together with a customized live training (and Q & As) on how to put the Alignment First™ Power Tool into action in your business. Applying this tool opens you to a growth mindset. And, it helps to anchor in everything you do and think so your whole BEing is coming from this orientation of Alignment First™. Using the tool quickly fuels you so you are energized and can identify specific actions to take to propel you forward into immediate inspired action.

Energy Clearing and Activation

We will clear energy and distractions that have kept you from taking the action steps and moving forward on the projects you’ve identified. With the support of your Divine Team, we will activate energy that will keep you on track so you can feel a sense of accomplishment during this experience.


When you are by yourself, it can feel isolating and hard to be motivated to take the action you know you need to take.

In this group experience, you’ll have checkpoints throughout the implementation segment, so you can get your questions answered and receive accountability. This keeps you on track and focused on your goals.

Private Alignment First Acceleration Experience FB Group

A private Facebook group will be created specifically for participants. This way you can post your progress and get feedback. You will also receive the support of like-minded entrepreneurs and coaching from me.

The Alignment First Acceleration Experience gathers you and other spiritually-centered entrepreneurs in a focused, intentional way. This allows you to tap into greater COURAGE:

C onnection
O penness
U nlimited possibilities
R eceptivity
A ction-orientation
G roundedness
E nergetic Support

Cultivate a greater orientation for a growth mindset, enhance your Energetic IQ™ and increase your action and inspiration.

Complete the day with a sense of accomplishment, pride, and self-confidence.

Define your own self-worth, instead of waiting for validation from someone else.


I can actually feel I am in better alignment!

The Fixed Mindset Shift was significant and helped me get clear on what was going on.

The Alignment First™ tool was extremely helpful. Using it clearly and specifically helped me to identify what my next steps were and gave me the energy to take them.

Applying this tool is a very proactive way to claim your space, energy and gifts from your own source. The amazing thing is that it perpetuates the energy of possibilities for you on your behalf.

I can actually feel I am in better alignment with myself. I have taken incredible action that I couldn’t seem to take previously, such as being part of a published book.


Cheryl Jones

Professional Speaker & Business Consultant, Simply The Best Results

Amp Up Your Achievement with Less Effort

Just to be clear – when your effort is aligned, there is still work to be done, but it feels much easier. This is because you are taking the right action in a way that is natural to you.

Receive support and inspiration so you can complete a key project to propel you and your business forward.

Your investment is only $197
(Valued at $497)

Special BONUS . . .
If you register by 
12 Midnight
Saturday, February 10, 2018

You will receive:


Client Case Study

"Before participating in Free Yourself from Your Inner BS™ Teleclass, I felt drained, indecisive, and stuck. So much has shifted in every area of my life in the six weeks of this Teleclass! I am now truthful with myself about what I want and what I know I deserve. I have the confidence to know what steps I need to take next, and the tools to put them into action. Most importantly, I know I no longer have to struggle to get where I want to be! I am so grateful to Tami for her willingness to share her gifts and for empowering me to make such a dramatic transformation in my life!

Heather, Wisconsin

MODULES 1 & 2. Identify Your Inner BS and Team Up with Divine Support (incl. Archangels)

How to identify your Inner BS BEFORE it derails you and specifically what to do about it so you can get back to business quicker

The sneaky, hidden forces that arise as we take our mission out in bigger ways so you can see them as they arise and not give them power

Effective ways to partner with the Divine, including Archangels, for greater confidence and clarity

MODULE 3. Release Resistance and Side-Step Sabotage

How default patterns play into your behavior and whether or not we take action in your business

The 7 favorite games your ego likes to play on you to keep you stuck and small and how to overcome them so they don’t stop you from taking action

Proven energetic techniques to remove resistance, procrastination and negative self-talk

MODULES 4. Disband Draining Energetic Ties To Your Past

The #1 thing that will dissolve the energy dragging you down so you can easily move forward much more quickly and easily

How to retrieve energy you’ve unknowingly given away to others so you can feel more empowered, energetic and inspired

How to access your feminine power in any situation, no matter how much your knees are knocking, your stomach is tied in a knot or your voice is quivering

MODULE 5. Raise Your Inner Credibility and Courage

The 2 things you need to put in place immediately to amp up your feelings of confidence so you can hold that energy in your sales conversations, talks and client sessions

A proprietary technique to help you work with fear and anxiety as it’s happening and turn it into personal power and courage so you can take steps out of your comfort zone

The key to having other people do selling on your behalf, making it so much easier to establish natural rapport with respective clients

MODULES 6. Implement Inspired Action

A powerful process to align you to your goals so you can reach them, despite any Inner BS that may be subconsciously undermining you now

How to identify and discern the right next step for you to take in your business

How to remove the barriers to taking the action that will move you forward fastest

MODULE 7. Embrace and Embody Your Success

How to take a stand for yourself, your mission and your business, in a way that gets integrated into the fiber and energy of your being so you radiate it

How to create your personalized Inner BS escape plan so you know exactly how to navigate it when Inner BS comes sneaking in

Your next step for moving forward in your business with greater joy, contribution and magnetic client attraction

Client Case Study

"I used to think that there was never enough time for anything. With Tami's guidance in the Free Yourself from Your Inner BS™ Teleclass, I realized that this way my Inner BSkeeping me from moving forward.

I am now clear about my own path, I find that decisions come easier, and I become aware of when I am heading in the direction that is not in alignment with my path. Thank you, Tami for this amazing shift in my life!" - Lori, Wisconsin


Bonus #1 Free Yourself from the Stress of Your Inner BS Power Practice

When you are needing to make a decision, are facing a challenge in your business or are feeling overwhelmed with what to do next, you can use this power practice to rapidly regroup so you can identify and take your clear next steps forward.  ($197 value)


Bonus #2 Freedom from Inner BS Now!

Breakthrough Clearings

A collection of powerful body/mind and emotional clearing audios, which transform negative energy, fear, resistance and pesky beliefs quickly, including common Inner BS that stops women entrepreneurs, such as:

  • “I am not ready.”
  • The fear “it’s not going to work.” (whether it is about your upcoming launch, presentation, creating a new offer, raising your fees, second-guessing your business decisions, etc.)
  • Being addicted to approval
  • Feeling vulnerable to put your work out more widely
  • And more – so you can get unstuck and take inspired action in your business for your accelerated revenue breakthroughs. ($197 value)

The online program includes:

  • 6 * 75 min. long webinar recordings, which include teaching, interactive exercises, and Questions & Answers so you can learn from what others are succeeding or being challenged with and help you integrate these concepts ($597 value)
  • Exclusive Access to the ‘Free Yourself from Your Inner BS™ and Live Your Mission NOW’ Private Facebook Group — where you are part of an online community of awesome women entrepreneurs and you receive my personal coaching, group interaction, connecting with other women on a similar journey, keeping you on track, sharing experiences and information and receive support throughout the program ($397 value)
  • Mp3 audio recordings of each class so even if you miss listening to one live, you can listen whenever it is convenient for you. You can also listen over and over for new insights even after the class ends ($197 value)
  • Easy Downloads of all class materials, PDF handouts, comprehensive notes, and exercises that you get to keep and refer to help you every step of the way ($57 value)
  • Loving accountability with your coach and like-minded women entrepreneurs sharing a similar journey and breaking through to the other side (priceless)

The regular investment for the bonus program alone is: $397

You receive this special bonus completely FREE, when you register for the Alignment First™ Acceleration Experience by 12 midnight, Sat, February 10, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Alignment First™ Acceleration Experience priced at such a great value?
I am committed to get this tool and experience into as many peoples’ hands as are ready for it.

How big is this group going to be?
Only 25 spaces are available.

What is the deadline to register?
Thursday, February 15, 2018 by 12 Midnight Mountain Time.

What platform is the experience held on?
It is on a private bridge line and webinar format (Instant Teleseminar) where you call in. There are a few slides to view online for the training portions.

Will the private Facebook Group remain live and active after the event is over?
No. The FB group’s purpose is for the interactions of this day and will be closed shortly after the event is over. You are encouraged to make friends and continue the relationships you build as a result of this gathering.

Will there be an option to get more support once the event is over?
Yes. I will be sharing ways to continue to our work together, so you can get the support you need.

Still have questions whether this is for you?
Email or call 303.697.0289.

Your investment is only $197
(Valued at $497)

About Tami

Tami Gulland is not your typical business coach. She works with intuitive, service-based business owners – coaches, consultants and healing professionals. She taps into her clients’ spiritual team to help them get into alignment with their message, marketing, energy, mindset and money. Once you are in alignment, everything falls into place in your business – sales conversations, opportunities and profits – it all expands. Alignment first is the key to sustainable business success and Soulful Profits™.

Tami has written two books, including Conversations with Angels: Divine Inspirations to Uplift Your Heart and co-authored Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now with Jack Canfield. She lives on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains.