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I'm about connecting you to yourself - your guides, your truth, your solutions, your soul's wisdom.

Why is this my life’s work? Because I know what it’s like to forget that connection.

I was born very empathic and intuitive. Only, I didn’t realize this about myself until later in my life.

My first exposure to knowing that energy is the first language we speak and managing that energy was when I was growing up as the youngest of 14 children (my family, plus my Aunt and Uncle’s family).

With eleven boys and three girls in a stone house on a dairy and hog farm in Wisconsin, it was anything but calm and quiet. This was both a challenge and an incredible learning opportunity for an empathic intuitive.

It took me years and many experiences to not only discover why I never felt ‘normal,’ but how to embrace these things as a blessing. I learned how to hone these gifts and use them to help myself and to guide others to use their energy and lead their lives in an authentic, joyful and soul-aligned way.

Tenacious and Tender.

Growing up as the youngest and smallest of a gaggle of children, I learned to be tough, spunky and fight back when needed to. I was also very tender-hearted. I’ve always been the type of person to tap into wisdom well beyond my years. Now I can see how this ability was my purpose awakening within me leading me to the path I am on today.

The Over-Achiever.

I learned to bury my tenderness in the safest way I knew: I became a high achiever. I followed the rules. I did things everyone else’s way, instead of listening to my intuition.

Even when my intuition spoke up, my drive took over. I could steamroll my  way through anything.

Life has a way of handing you clues to help you recognize when things aren’t in alignment for you. While climbing the corporate ladder, upheaval in my life hit me hard: family challenges, my father’s illness and passing, and a personal health crisis. This was my wake-up call.

This time, I looked for my answers inside, instead of turning to everyone else. I connected with Angels and Spirit for guidance. My life changed dramatically when I began to not only hear, but listen to and trust my intuition. This inner guidance led me to start my own coaching business.

The Path to Burnout.

Early in my business, I followed traditional coaching business models and ended up driving myself into the ground again. I was working my butt off to be successful in my business. I had a full client load. As I broke through my personal income glass ceiling, I hit adrenal burnout. I had fallen back into the pattern of trying to do things like everyone else. I wasn’t fulfilled, and I wasn’t honoring one of my most important values: family. My business had become a constant mental stress and a significant drain on my health. I was losing passion for my mission of making a difference.

The Universe Always Responds, But Never How You Think.

I set an intention to let go of my attachment to doing things the way everyone else was and my need to control things to turn out a certain way. Soon after this, my husband came home one day from work with important news. He announced that he was going to be shutting down the manufacturing plant he had managed for 14 years.

This threw me into a tailspin. Externally I was mostly on board, but internally I fought these changes of moving and taking my family and business to a new, large metropolitan area.

A girl staring at a lake



Serena saying goodbye at the shores of our former Wisconsin lake house before we moved.  It was a magical place - a second home where we made so many memories with family and friends.  We had fallen in love with the water.

Moving to Denver, where my husband had been recruited to a new job, meant that I let go of my hometown of 46 years where I lived near my close-knit immediate family (all 26 of them), my identity, our lake house and my business as I knew it.

When I Most Wanted to Feel the Safety Net of the Divine, I Felt Completely Lost.

I felt shock and grief for a really long time after we moved to Denver. I missed my family, friends and the life that was familiar to me. My children and husband also went through difficult emotional challenges during our transition. This weighed heavily on my heart.

Despite being able to receive Divine Guidance for my clients, I couldn‘t hear Divine Guidance for myself, as I had in the past.

Everything I knew had changed, including how I connected to the Divine, which was the most painful part of this transition. This connection was something I had learned to count on.

As my integration into my new life and my healing continued, so did my need to be open to how my Divine Guidance was showing up for me. I had a deep desire to listen to and heed my intuition even more. I had to let go of listening to everyone else over what I knew to be true for me. By now, this was an obvious recurring theme for me.

The Sweet Power of Surrender.

As I began to surrender to this new way, following the breadcrumbs along the way, I grew in my ability to trust again. Things opened up in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It wasn’t quick or easy, but with the right support things slowly began to shift.

My Life Now.

By being willing to surrender and become aligned to what is true for me and what I love, my business, relationships and personal life are thriving in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Amazing opportunities and wonderful colleagues, friends, clients and experiences have come into my world. I continue to reconnect to myself and the Divine in rich, new ways, and help my clients to
do the same.

My husband and I bought our dream ranch in the Rocky Mountains near Denver. We live at 7500 feet in elevation where we garden, spend time with our kids, Grant and Serena, and enjoy our furry farm family of two llamas, three goats, one barn cat and our beloved dogs, Odin and Luna. We are updating our home and making it our haven for connection, peace and

My relationship with my husband has grown and deepened and we have just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We enjoy traveling with our kids. I also travel to Wisconsin a couple of times each year to visit my mom, family and friends. It is time I cherish.

I wake up every day to an awesome view of the mountains, to blue skies and being surrounded by the beauty of nature and new possibilities, again, feeling Divinely guided and supported each step of the way.

Through these experiences emerged my unique ability to connect people and elevate their Energetic IQ™.

purple wings on tamiguilland.com

How has Elevating my Energetic IQ™ Helped Me?

I have:
● attracted my ideal job even before I graduated from college
● found my soulmate
● left my corporate job to follow my heart
● started my own business
● wrote two books, plus co-authored a book with Jack Canfield
● transformed the behavior of and relationship with our child who was diagnosed ADHD (without medication)
● created a healthy, loving and supportive family
● manifested our lake house on a quiet 5000-acre reservoir
● broke through my personal income ceiling
● spoke on stages with well-known industry leaders
● traveled extensively
● an ever-deepening relationship with my husband of 25 years
● actualized our ranch lifestyle with llamas, goats, and wildlife in the mountains of Colorado

What would you like to create? Can I support you in having more of what you truly want?

I use all my training, experiences and gifts to help my clients master their Energetic IQ™ so they can create a greater level of soulful success in all areas of their life.

This is what I was born to do.

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purple wings on tamiguilland.com

Ready to shift one or more areas of your life –- trust in your intuition and self; grow your spiritual connection; discover your purpose; align your work; improve your relationships; fine tune your health; enhance your wealth?
I’d love to be a contribution in your life.

Through dedicated study, training and application, I’ve learned how to use my skills and talents to:
● Teach my clients to discern what energy is theirs and what is not theirs. Show them how to release energy negatively impacting them and keep their energy clear, vibrant and strong.
● Communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides to help guide my clients in their lives and embrace their worthiness to receive such guidance.
● Receive energy tools, techniques and ways to help my clients stand in an empowered place in all situations.
● Provide their unique mindset, strategies and ideas unique to my clients so they create a clear path to what they desire most.
● Connect my clients with the wisdom of their Soul, their highest purpose and release energy distortions and obstructions that limit their potential, so they can do what is most important to them.
● Heal what stands in the way from receiving – their own intuition, support and greater joy and freedom.
● Connect with the dearly departed to share messages of hope and healing.
● Clarify their vision for themselves, who they really are and what is possible for them.
● Help my clients clearly understand how they receive their intuition and guide them in trusting and acting upon it for their most streamlined actions and results.

Payment secures your spot. Then, you will schedule your session with Tami and receive a special guide to help you prepare.