Rediscover Your True Self, Confidently Navigate the Unknown, and Evolve into a Higher Version of Yourself.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

One thing I’ve learned from my own life and working with my clients the past twenty years is that there is often a breakdown before a breakthrough.

That was true for me when the perfect storm hit during my early 30’s. My father was dying, I was in the middle of my own health crisis, and we were struggling with our young son’s behavior.

That was true when I left the corporate world and started my own coaching business. I worked myself into adrenal burnout. I overrode my intuition and my body’s needs, and signals striving to prove myself. I forced myself to do things that were touted as ‘the way’ to success. The challenge was, it wasn’t my way or in alignment with my Soul.

That was true when my husband was directed to shut down the factory he ran. We moved our family cross country for a new job from Wisconsin to the mountains of Colorado. Much of what I had grown to rely on, including being near my extended family, the friends I had, the life I knew, my business and my identity, drastically changed. I went into a trauma response and deep grief, which shook me to my core and took me years to understand and heal.

That was also true when within a nine-month span during COVID, my mom died, our kids graduated from high school and college, respectively and left the nest. We finished remodeling and sold our ranch in Denver and relocated to Seattle for my husband’s new job. We packed our entire house and moved cross country within ten days (after spending only 30 hours visiting there.)


Curve Balls and the Unexpected

I couldn’t have predicted where life would take me (and will take me). None of us can. What I do know is that everything happened the way it needed to for me. As a result of how it all unfolded, I stand in front of you with a greater heart of service. I am here to walk with you through to the other side of what you are experiencing. I’m here to champion you so you can rise up and evolve into your highest self.

I didn’t get to the other side alone. I am still a work in progress. We all are. As much as I take pride in doing things myself, sometimes I need to enlist others who have walked the path before me. I find that is true of my clients, too.

I had support to help me understand myself, let go of old conditioning, expectations, and attachments. I needed mirrors to help me see what I couldn’t see. It was necessary for me to have trusted professionals and friends who walked with me. I still do. This is the process of conscious evolution. It is ever expanding. It is what I help my clients do.

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