Are you saying . . .


“It should be easier by now.”
“I know there is more in me to bring to the world.”
“I want to have more free time for things that matter outside of my business.”
“I have all these ideas for my business and I don’t know what to focus on.”
“I don’t like marketing or sales.”
“I’m making money, but my business is taking over my life.”

If you have caught yourself thinking or saying this, there is another way.

You are in the right place.

You CAN gracefully and quickly accelerate your results.
How? By aligning with your purpose and the Divine to create more fun, freedom and profits in your business.

Often it takes the support of a mentor, coach and even a healer to help you get there faster. Just like you need a mirror to see the back of your head, you deserve the right coach in your court. One who can help you see and assist you to remove your blocks and illuminate your blind spots. Working with someone who understands and helps you align your energy and business strategies so it is easy and inspiring for you to move forward like never before. That is the power of working with the right coach.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you are probably familiar with the traditional, masculine-driven business models and advice. You’ve tried running your business this way and something is off. You set goals for yourself, but often run into two scenarios:

Either they are too ambitious for you, because you don’t take into account your values, other commitments and needs. Or, you drive yourself to reach your goals, no matter what — at the cost of your health, well-being and relationships.

There is a part of you that believes there is another way. You just don’t know what it is – YET.

If this is you, let’s talk.

I work with my private clients in a customized way in my 6-month, 12-month, and VIP Day programs. Click here to apply and we’ll set up a time to connect for a 45-minute phone conversation to see if we are a fit and how I can best support you.

Private, one-on-one coaching, is like having 3 coaches for the price of 1. You receive business coaching, mindset support and healing work. I blend the energetic, strategy and intuitive components together in a way that supports and honors you. I have a limited number of spots for intuitive women and men business owners who are the right fit and are ready to have a massive transformation in their business and life this year.

One-on-One Private Coaching

Divine Partnership Private Coaching Program: Accelerate
Your Business Success and Pave Your Unique Path to Profit

In this customize program, you will learn how to gain:

  • Connection to the Divine so you receive your authentic answers and trust yourself as you surrender into your flow.
  • Clarity to contribute in a bigger way with your gifts.
  • The ability to Communicate your expertise in a way that inspires action and increases clients.
  • A way to Create packages that sell; contributing to the world and your bottom line in sustainable ways.
  • A Concrete talk to inspire and invite potential clients into a sales conversation with you.
  • Promotional and business strategies to Convert prospects into clients and colleagues into collaborators.
  • Abundance Alignment and profitability strategies so you can receive at a higher level and not have to work as hard as you share your gifts.
  • Courage to stand out and spread your message.
  • Congruency so you can turn up your magnetic presence to draw in more ideal clients.
  • A Coach who gets you and honors what is most important to you.

This program is a blend of energy mastery, spiritual connection and business strategy for the high-level entrepreneur who is ready to streamline their business, leverage their impact and grow their profitability. It is designed for maximum support, including clearing personal and professional obstacles to greater visibility and receiving. It includes a VIP Day.

Divine Alignment Virtual VIP Day

Sometimes we need a jumpstart to move things forward quickly in business. In this program, we focus on clearing blocks that have held you back. You learn proven processes to quickly grow your magnetism so you can be more comfortable with increased clients and visibility. We also create a clear business strategy, right for you, so you can joyfully leap into momentum.


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As an important member of my tribe, you will also gain valuable information to help you grow your business, honor your energy and expand your reach and profits.

Not sure what is going to be the best fit? Let’s have a no-pressure conversation and together we’ll determine the best step for you and your business. Click here to apply