Tune in to the newest episode of Soulful Profits™ Roundtable where we talk about:

5 Ways for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to be More Productive and Healthier in 2017 with Dr. Michelle Dickie

  • Find out the number 1 thing you can do to increase your productivity….and it is probably not what you think!
  • Slouchy posture- it doesn’t just look bad  – could it be bad for business?
  • Three things you can do right now that will change your health and wealth.

Bio: Dr. Michelle Dickie is a chiropractor, speaker, business owner, wife, mother of 4, and the author of Giving Thanks: A Children’s Guide to Daily Gratitude. With her plain and simple truth attitude, Dr. Michelle helps bring health, balance, and connection to families and entrepreneurs. Her passion for helping people reach their full potential has been the major focus of her career for over 20 years. When she is not with patients, she is a researching maniac! Dr. Michelle loves to learn and investigate the truth about health and wellness. And in turn, it is her passion to share those truths with you!

Here is the link to the free gift Dr. Michelle mentions in the interview.